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Principal's message

Name: Tu Zhen-Yang

My educational attitude

To be a good educator:

1. It's important to always have positive learning attitude.

2. Try to use different teaching methods for students' needs. 

    Don't expect different results from students when teaching by the same method.

3. Love is the source and essence of teaching. 

My educational mission: 

1.  To develop Language art teaching and learning.

2.  To develop situated teaching and learning.

3. To  support the basic values of education. 

4. To improve students' abilities for the self-directed learning.

My educational vision:

To live

Developing the abilities of living a happy life.

To love

Knowing how to care others with our  hearts.

To learn

Keeping the active learning attitude to explore the world.

To share

Be willing to share what one has with the society.





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